Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Baby Cakes!

Just experienced the 2nd night of my sugar craft course...and I have to say that tonight, our tutor really upped the ante! This evening we were modelling 'babies' out of edible petal paste and dressing them in a beautifully detailed robe and bonnet. By the end of the class when I looked at my 'baby' I was actually quite taken aback by what I had created! The detail and design of the babies robe and bonnet is amazing. This baby would be the perfect topper for a christening cake or for a birthday cake for someone who loves babies! It can also be adapted for a 'Baby's First Christmas' cake by using red petal paste trimmed with white. 

  • One of the most difficult skills covered in this evening's class was learning how to create the 'frill' detail on the edges of the bonnet and robe. One of the most useful and relatively easy skills was learning how to create the beautiful 3D bow which sits on the baby's back.
  • Using petal paste was a first for me this evening. It has the appearance of sugar paste or roll out icing but is much stickier and stiffer. It is much easier to roll out very thin. If the petal paste begins to feel sticky in your hands you can use cornflour to prevent this. It is really important when working with petal paste to keep it sealed in a plastic bag when not working with it as it dries out REALLY quickly!
  • Our tutor recommended a great website called '' last week to source some of the materials we would be using this week. I ordered a multitude from the website and it all arrived the next day! Very efficient service and at very competitive prices.

E-D's Notes:
  • I plan to do a post in the coming weeks on tips and techniques for sugar craft creations. If you have any specific questions about how this baby was created I would be happy to answer any questions!


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