Thursday, 6 September 2012

Bargain Beauty

I am a make up fanatic. Have been for some time now. When in college I used to avoid buying essentials and buy really cheap food all week long, just so I could get a MAC eye shadow pot on a Friday. Now that's dedication to the cause! I believe in using really good quality and often expensive cosmetics which are long lasting, look good and wear well. They don't always need to be expensive though and that's why I am so excited about a range of make-up products that I recently discovered which seem to be springing up more and more places; Essence. Essence have a wide range of products in their line but at this stage I can only really comment on nail polishes and eye liners. Essence is available in Penneys in Ireland as well as some some other retailers including some McCabes Pharmacies. You can check out their entire range on their website The thing about this range is it is ridiculously cheap! Less than €2 for a nail polish, and €3.25 for a liquid eye-liner. 

Nail Polish
There is an extensive range of nail polishes available. Every colour of the rainbow and then everything in between. They also do ranges such as 'Nude Glam' and 'Colour & Go'. The Nude range are my particular favourite. Understated and perfect for work these polishes last 3-4days without looking tired and chipped. Given the price, this is pretty good going. The nude range features a wide range of muted colours. My favourite shades are 'iced latter' and 'cotton candy'.

Eye Liners
I am really excited about these eye liners, mostly because I find eye-liner is one of those things you really have to buy, an essential so to speak. So there isn't anything too exciting about it and yet you can end up spending a fortune on them. The first eye liner I am using to line my upper lashes is '100% Splash Proof: eyeliner pen'. It has a paintbrush shaped top with a very fine point at the tip. It is a very strong black and goes on smoothly like a marker. I have had it now for 6 weeks and the black colour is as intense as the day I got it which I am really pleased with.
The second eye liner is what I used to line my lower lid. It's called 'Long Lasting Eye Pencil' and the colour is '01 Black Fever'. This liner is very soft and easy to apply. The pencil can be twisted when it wears down, so no messy sharpeners needed. This eyeliner is long lasting and will last a work day for me. It also comes in different colours, see the websites full range for details.

So pick up a few items to play around with. For a few euro its amazing how many items you will get. Its refreshing to find good quality make-up products so readily available at such great prices! If anyone has any other views or recommendations about 'Essence' products please leave your comments below.

Just to note Essence have recently changed their nail polish bottles to a new shape (pictured left). So when you go to pick up your bottles up they are more likely to look like this. Above you will see pictures of  a selection of colours from the the 'Nude Glam' collection. This purple shade (pictured left) is called 'Ballerina's Charm'.

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