Thursday, 13 September 2012

Cake Pop Preparations

Today was a lot less hectic and a lot more enjoyable than yesterday. The sun was out, I was on a course day in the city centre and ran into an old friend at said course who kept me entertained for the duration of the day! Laughing, sunshine and shopping, what more can you ask for in a day. I am glad that I don't work in the centre of Dublin as if I did I would have no money what so ever! Yesterday was pay day I treated myself to a new book entitled 'Pop Party' by Clare O'Connell. I came across it in the Kilkenny shop in town and once I picked it up and flicked through it I decided this was a skill I was going to have to learn! So in preparation for learning how to make these intricate pop creations I headed to my two favourite shops in Dublin. The first is Kitchen Compliments. This shop is located on Chatham Street, Dublin 2 and stocks all sorts of everything when it comes to baking, cooking, cake decorating and more. The staff here are very friendly, knowledgeable and overall really helpful. This shop has been around for as long as I can remember and is an institution when it comes to baking supplies which are not available in mainstream stores and supermarkets. Here I picked up two containers of the 'Candy Melts' needed for the pops at €2.50 a box - these were on sale so were a real bargain! On my way home I called into a much newer shop on Bachelors walk called Decobake. If you have not yet been to this shop, it truly is a treasure trove of all things cake, bake and decorate! It is a specialist shop and stocks a really good range of products at competitive prices. Here I picked up some Pop sticks, pop moulds,silicone brownie moulds, flavoured orange fondant and a fondant rolling pin for in and around €30. So I'm off to research and practice the art of Cake Pops. Stay tuned for the outcome with lots of ideas and pictures to come! If anyone has any tips or tricks do share! 


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