Monday, 3 September 2012


Whilst the television was taken over all yesterday afternoon by Molly for this match and that, I decided to get a little crafty and take out my trusty card making box to make a few cards for my stock. I love having handmade cards made-up for safe-keeping so that I can grab one when the occasion arises! Being honest it's been ages since I made a few cards and I forgot just how therapeutic it can be. Have a look below at what I came up with today. I know I keep talking about all the great value in Dealz (I swear I'm not working on commission!) but the card making materials they have at the moment are amazing and exceptionally cheap in comparison to the Art & Hobbies shop or other art shops.


E-D's Guide to Card Making
  1. First and foremost make sure you hold onto every card that everyone ever gives you (unless it's really hideous!). Old cards are so useful for cutting up and reconstructing into new ones. This is recycling at its best.
  2. Although at the outset making your own cards seems expensive, it's really not. Once you've bought a few raw materials you'll be set up. You can then just pick up bits and pieces as you go or when you come upon something you think would be really nice for a card. The Art & Hobby shop ( do a really good range of card making materials. These can be a little expensive so don't get carried away. It is worth investing in good quality coloured cards with different finishes as the bases for your cards. They stock these in the Art & Hobby shop. I'm a fan of a brand called 'Anita's'. You can get a pack of 50 cards and envelopes with a variety of colours for €7.99. Also just to note that the Art & Hobby shop offer student discount so don't forget to ask.
  3. People LOVE handmade cards. Lets face it, it tells the person your giving it to that you like them enough to have made an effort to physically make something for them. Time + Effort = Brownie Points. Try and make your cards personal and unique for the people that are close to you.
  4. At first it can be difficult thinking where to even start. The key to handmade cards is not to stick anything until you have played around with the different parts you want to incorporate into your card and move them all around on countless occasions to see which way they look best. When you have decided carefully stick each of them down. Sometimes it's handy to take a photo of how you want the card to be assembled when it is unstuck so that when you are glueing and things move that you don't completely forget what way you had them.
  5. My top tip is; Layer. Putting different layers on your cards make them look more expensive and interesting. My must have item when card making is 'Sticky Fixers' (double sided sticky pads). Sticking pictures or decorations onto your cards using these give them a three dimensional feel and makes the card really pop.

Below see some shots of the items which are available for €1.49 in Dealz;


  1. Art and Hobby shop the sneaky bastards got rid of their student discount :( well the jervis one did anyway. They have some sort of loyalty card now which is good, but nowhere near as good as student discount. Fab cards Emma, they bring back memories from the cardmaking sessions we had! :P xx

  2. Thanks for the update Tanya, no student discount then....all the more reason to head to Dealz so! Oh the memories!x

  3. Paper clip at the top of house of Fraser have some lovely stationary things to. I also find that MnS is good for buying some cards for using to recreate new ones! There is a fan art shop in bray whereby get a plastic envelope and u can cram in as much A4 card that u can squeeze for €5. They have some reall nice
    Patters, embossed effects, shimmery card, mirror type card, every possible colour. I was sitting on the envelope trying to get it closed! Plus the staff are so
    So lovely! X


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