Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Complimentary Cosmetics!

After getting to bed a little later than I would have liked last night, I have to say my eye lids are heavy this morning. The mornings are definitely getting duller as I wake to my 7.00am alarm, and I know that the luxury of applying my make-up in natural light is not one I will have for much longer. Whilst shopping yesterday evening with my friend I visited the MAC counter, as I mentioned in last nights post. I was really surprised that my equally fashion forward and make-up enthusiast friend was not aware of the 'BACK TO MAC' program. So I suppose I just wanted to make others aware so you don't miss out. Basically when it comes to MAC make sure you hold onto all of your empty containers when you finish a product; be it an eye-shadow, a bottle of foundation etc. MAC describe the containers as '6 primary packaging containers'; in other words don't bring in the cardboard packaging that your products come in! You can also complete the process online (see the link below). You can then choose any colour lipstick from the MAC range (excluding Viva Glam & Sheen Supreme). This is a nice little incentive, given that MAC aren't exactly forthcoming with testers or gifts like many other high end cosmetic counters. So get collecting!

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