Saturday, 8 September 2012

Golden Girl

After a lazy Friday night with my Mom, my lovely cousin and Molly, knocking back a few glasses of red wine in prepartaion for the weekend, there was little time for baking. So instead I thought I'd give you a little feedback on these really flashy false nails I picked up during the week. They immediately caught my eye because of the metallic finish which is something you just cannot achieve with nail polish. I love black and gold and it's a colour combination that is often reflected in my clothing, so when I say these I just had to try them out!  
Now I'll admit these nails are a little 'out there'. That said for a night out or special occasion they really are quite striking. And the best part is I picked the up in Penneys for a whopping....€1.50. So how good can a set of nails at this price really be? Well firstly inside the pack there was a huge variety of different sized nails. This was good as it meant I could be a little pickier about shape and fit. The pack came complete with a small container of glue. The nails fitted well and were easy to apply. In terms of longevity...well being honest I think these would be a one night job. By this evening they were starting to loosen and were beginning to irk me. Once removed my nails were left covered in glue which looked somewhat unsightly. However after soaking them in an acetone solution it began to come off, albeit with a certain degree of difficulty. In retrospect if using the nails again I would put on a clear coat of nail polish before applying the nails to avoid this problem in future. All in all I feel that for €1.50 they did the job for a night out, they looked well on and fitted properly. That said I'd pop the glue and a few spare nails from the pack into your handbag just in case!

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  1. i have them
    i dressed up as a lepord 4 halloween in a wunzie and i wore them
    i also have french tip ones from pennys


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