Tuesday, 25 September 2012

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When it comes to looking and feeling good there are lots of things we can buy, use and do in order to give ourselves a 'pick me up'. This evening I thought I'd give you a little look into the contents of my shower shelf and all the delightful shampoos and conditioner that I am currently in the process of trying and testing. A few years back my brother openly admitted to me that he loved going to stay in other peoples houses for one reason....so that when he got up to have a shower in the morning he could try and test the contents of their bathroom. Though this sounds hilarious it is quite true, it's such a great opportunity to try out new stuff. With that in mind I have to say that my bathroom is indeed a pick and mix of products! My brother would probably become disorientated and confused at the range of choice....so probably best that he is over 17,000km away in Sydney. I love buying and trying a few different products at a time, meaning that I have lots of choice when in the shower and seem to constantly have something new to try. The following are the 7 products on my shower shelf at the moment which are relatively 'new' to me. So here they are in no particular order.....

1. Lee Stafford 'Hair Growth' Shampoo
    I bough this shampoo a couple of months back when trying 
    to boost my hair growth. I had gotten a little concerned that  
    my hair growth seemed to have stagnated and was eager 
    to find a solution or strategy and kick start the growth 
    process. Does this shampoo do that? Being honest I'm not 
    too sure. This 200ml bottle retails at almost €11.00 (when 
    not on special offer). There is also a conditioner and growth 
    treatment in the range. My thought process when buying 
    this shampoo was that it's not going to do any harm, so the 
    least I can do is give it go. Other things that are said to  
    improve and stimulate hair growth include: massaging  
    peppermint oil into the scalp, brushing your hair with a boar 
    bristle brush everyday and using a clarifying shampoo 
    every 7-10 days. Using these strategies along with this 
    shampoo (and the other products in the range) will certainly 
    improve your chances of promoting hair growth, along with 
    improving your diet and trimming your hair regularly. All in 
    all, this is a good shampoo, regardless of whether or not it actually promotes hair growth, but 
    with a price tag of  €11.00 it's a a little pricey!

2. James Brown London 'High Gloss Conditioner'

I have to say I absolutely love this conditioner. I have used many conditioners in the last twelve months and I have to say this one definitely makes it into the top two (Along with Keratase 'Ciment Anti-Usure'). The formula has a really pleasant smell and leaves my hair feeling very soft and slinky without feeling heavy and greasy. I usually comb this through my hair whilst in the shower, leave for 2-3 minutes and then rinse off. I have yet to try the shampoo in this range but when the opportunity arises (i.e. when it's on special offer in Boots!) I will be sure to pick up a bottle and try it. I am really pleased with this product and would highly recommend it!

3. Tony & Guy 'Shampoo for Advanced Detox'
This is a type of clarifying shampoo, intended for occasional use in order to remove product build up and dirt from your hair. I do really like this shampoo but fear that perhaps the placebo effect has consumed me! I like the idea of using this shampoo every two weeks or so. I feel that it removes build up and grime and gives my hair a new lease of life. I definitely feel that my hair has a shine after I use it. All in all I would recommend this shampoo. For under €9.00, seeing as you only use it occasionally, it seems to last a life time! It is hard to find a good clarifying shampoo at a reasonable price, but this one does seem to tick all of the boxes!

4. Soap & Glory 'Glad  
    Hair Day' Shampoo 
    First and foremost even if this container was empty, I would 
    be happy to keep it in my shower, simply because the 
    packaging is so alluring. I love it! It's really old school and 
    like all the 'Soap & Glory' products bears a witty and 
    thought provoking title. The shampoo itself is very 
    functional, smells delicious and leaves my hair feeling 
    clean. I definitely feel I need a good dollop of conditioner 
    after using this product as it does leave my hair feeling a   
    little dry after rinsing. All in all if I got this as a present again 
    I'd be happy. Would I go out and buy it.....probably not.

5. James Brown 'Photo Fabulous Voluminous Shampoo & Conditioner'
This pair are relative newcomers to the shower shelf and the jury is still out, so to speak! I definitely prefer the James Brown 'High Gloss' conditioner range as I much prefer  the scent and the way the conditioner leaves my hair feeling. That said I do think that this shampoo and conditioner contribute to voluminous locks, but just how much, I am not yet sure. The packaging again is modern, arty and attractive and looks 'cool' on the shelf. I do like this pair of products but I am not sure how effective they are in producing a 'volumising effect'. I feel that my hair tends to get 'greasy' quicker when I use these products.

6. Keratase Resistance 'Age Recharge' Treatment
    This leave in mask is a once a month job. I bought this 
    product over a year ago along with the 'Bain de Force' 
    shampoo and 'Ciment Anti-Usure' conditioner. I have to say 
    I absolutely love these products. I bought them from a local 
    hair salon and with a 20% discount the three products still 
    set me back €60 in total. That said the shampoo and conditioner lasted me almost 6 months 
    and this treatment pot is still 2/3 full. The Keratase range really is the 'creme de la creme' of
haircare and really does make all the
difference to the condition and appearance of your hair. This treatment does not come with directions. I asked my hairdresser who told me to do the following: When using you  should apply a thin layer from root to tip, using a comb through towel dried hair. Allow to sit in hair for up to 10minutes. Then rinse through, first with warm water, followed by cold.


  1. I love Kerastase, wouldn't be without it! The site I usually order them from was out of stock of my favourites the last time I ordered though (can't remember what they're called, but the ones in the green bottles) and I ordered the Cristalliste ones because they were cheaper, but they definitely aren't as good as the ones in the green bottles or the ones in the white bottles with orange tops.

  2. Yeah Tanya I definitely agree that the green range is the best. They make a huge difference. They are expensive enough.....but well worth the investment if your hair is in need of some TLC!

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