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Make-Up for the Weekend!

As many of you know I am quite the make-up connoisseur. I enjoy trying and testing make-ups and cosmetics in general and really enjoy the whole process of applying make-up on a daily basis. Some people find the application of make-up cumbersome, but I look forward to my 10 minute ritual each morning, matching and coordinating my make-up to my mood and ensemble on a given day. This weekend I am in the west at 'home' where I grew up. I make the trip every few weekends to visit my parents and needless to say cannot bring my extensive make-up collection with me on each excursion. Therefore when travelling, you need to be able to pick your 'must have' make-up items to put in your travel make-up bag. Lying in my bed on this lazy Sunday morning, I am staring over to the make-up bag and it's contents strewn on my bedroom floor. It got me to thinking that these items really are my essentials and the ones I feel I can't go away without!


Benefit Dallas
Catrice, Infinate Matt
MAC Foundation Brush (190)
MAC Blush Brush (129)

From day to day I use different blush or bronzer depending on my mood. I have very pale skin and have to take this into account when choosing my blush or bronzer. For everyday wear I really like 'Dallas' by Benefit. This colour can look a little reddish in the box but don't be put off. When applied lightly this powder leaves a lovely natural glow. I do not like the brush which comes in this product and therefore use a proper blush brush to apply the product. The packaging is also  pretty unusual and a welcome dash of colour in my make-up bag!

As discussed in my 'Find Me A Foundation' post, Catrice Infinite Matt is my new go-to day foundation. Great coverage, colour and finish I cannot fault this bargain buy. I always use a foundation brush to apply my foundation. I recommend this MAC Foundation Brush (190). Apply your foundation using light downward strokes where possible.


MAC Paint Pot:     
Painterly (Primer)
MAC Shadows:     
Expensive Pink
False Lash Effect - Bold Volume
Eye Liner:              
Essence, 100% Splash-proof Eyeliner Pen (Black)
Sephora Eyebrow Angle Brush (13)
MAC 233 (eye blending brush)
MAC 217 (blending brush)
MAC 275 (angled shading brush)

When it comes to eyeshadows in terms of brand and spending money, it is the one thing I won't compromise on. I am a MAC eyeshadow enthusiast. Cheap eye shadows just dont last as long and have poor pigmentation, meaning the colours don't look the same on your eye lid as they do in the pot. MAC do an extensive range of colours, and finishes in the eye shadow range. There really is a colour to accomodate everyone. Even if you are a little older and trying to avoid very shimmery or dark colours, MAC do a very good range of muted and matt tones which look great on older eyes. These eye-shadows are really long lasting and don't budge throughout the day. The four pots featured below are some of my favourites: 

  • 'Vanilla' goes everywhere with me and I used this colour as a highlighter under my brow.
  • 'Omega' is a colour that I use almost everyday as it is a step above my skin tone and I use it for shading and blending other colours in the crease of my eye.
  • 'Expensive Pink' is just a really unusual and pretty colour. It's a blend of rose and gold tones. It looks a different colour depending on the light, and looks fantastic blended with browns, purples and golds.
  • 'Embark' this is a really dark rich brown shadow. I used it on my lower lid and for shading. But most importantly I use it with an angle brush for filling in my eyebrows.
MAC also sell 'Paint Pots'. These are highly pigmented eye colours that go on creamy but dry to an intense and vibrant finish. I am currently using the colour 'Painterly' as a primer for my lids or a base colour if you like all the way up to my brows. I then layer my other colours on top of this and I feel that it does prevent creasing and that shadow lasts longer.

The Mascara I use is Max-Factor False Lash Effect. I discussed this before in 'The Mascara Challenge' post. All in all I just find it a really good mascara that achieves length and volume and an intense black colour easily.

Over the years I have used MAC eyeliners, Rimmel eye-liners and everything in between. At the moment I am in LOVE with the eyeliners available from Essence as featured in my 'Bargain Beauty'  post. I am currently using Essence 100% Splash-proof Eyeliner Pen (Black). This eye-liner goes on like a marker, is an intense black colour and has a narrow tip and wide base meaning you can taper your lines and apply a very thing delicate line, or a bold wide line. This eye-liner is available in Penney's and other Essence stockists and is a must for your make-up bag!

Spending money on make-up brushes is another thing that I really do recommend. Your tools are very important when applying make-up so that you can achieve a professional and flawless look. Without adequate brushes, shading and blending is near impossible. The 4 brushes below are my most frequently used, particularly MAC 223 and MAC 217. Brushes can be really expensive and are quite the splurge. That said each Christmas MAC releases a range of special edition MAC eye-shadow palettes and brush sets. These sets are REALLY good value, and for approximately €60 you get a set of five brushes which would otherwise cost you hundreds (I will let readers know as soon as these become available). Although €60 sounds like a lot, I have some of my brushes now for over 5 years and they are still perfect, so you can look at them like an investment!

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