Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Macara Challenge....Day 5

Day 4
Product:         Estee Lauder, Sumptuous Bold Volume, Lifting Mascara
Rating:            5/10
Brush Type:    Narrow width brush with sparse bristles (conical shaped brush).

I didn't know very much about this mascara until this morning. I've never heard anyone I know mention it or I don't recall seeing it in a shop before I went looking for it. After using the mascara though I have a better insight as to why; this mascara is nothing exciting, exceptional or amazing. The packaging is gold and black, somewhat similar to that of Yves Saint Laurent but just not quite as nice. The brush when removed from the container appeared quite sparse in terms of the number of bristles compared to other mascara brushes seen this week. There was an adequate amount of product on the brush upon removal from the container. I needed to pull the brush through my lashes 7-8times in order to get even distribution and any kind of length effect. On completion, my lashes looked black however I cannot say that they looked thicker or volumised and I definitely wouldn't use the word 'sumptuous' to describe them! All in all I would say I was a little underwhelmed by this mascara given the price (RRP €24). Also to note I got caught in the rain whilst wearing this mascara and it smudged under my eyes. I am aware that this mascara does not purport to be water proof, that said I would hope it would withstand a couple of rain drops without running. 


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