Monday, 3 September 2012

The Mascara Challenge....Day 6

So I had to give Mascara reviewing a miss yesterday as I was so content in researching new recipes, listening to audiobooks, card-making and watching mindless television that I had absolutely no desire to leave the warmth and homeliness of my cosy apartment. As I didn't leave the house, make-up was obviously not required! So instead this morning after a full eight hour sleep (I am a very happy camper this morning!) I am sharing with you my thoughts on mascara number 6;

Day 6
Product:         Clinique, High Lenths Mascara
Rating:            4/10
Brush Type:   Flexible curved, thin plastic brush. Plastic Flexible textured grooves instead of 

I was first made aware of this mascara in early 2010. The packaging gets this mascara noticed as it is all white which for me was intriguing. Being honest I picked this mascara up wondering what it was initially. The wand itself is somewhat unusual. It is arched or curved upwards and is bright green underneath all the product. Upon removal from the container the brush is coated with a nice thin layer of product and is in no way overloaded. Upon application the mascara distributes well but has no volumising effect on the lashes. Now given that I had my eight hours sleep and I'm pretty upbeat for a Monday morning I'm not sure how I managed this....but I poked myself in the eye with the wand. Painful you say? Well yes it was, very. So one would wonder how I managed to do it a second time in one morning, but I did when applying it to my other eye. I think it may be to do with the brush shape. To be honest maybe my eyes are the wrong shape for this brush but then again I have never considered my eyes to be in any way unusual! The curved angle of the brush makes in difficult to touch up the edges of your eyelashes on their own. In total I just found the brush awkward and fiddly. Given that I like most girls am used to using a straight brush I just found this brush difficult to use when applying the product. The overall effect of the mascara was adequate. Even distribution, some length effect and some clumping requiring 5-6 brush throughs to distribute the product evenly. Also to note when poked in the eye obviously I shed some tears (I seem to be in the habit of that when testing mascara) and this mascara is by no means tear or splash proof. Panda eyes on a Monday morning, not my best look!


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