Sunday, 30 September 2012

Warming up my Winter Wardrobe!

The temperature has really dropped this week and it's starting to feel very wintry indeed. This morning I set into town early to have a browse and pick up a few welcome additions to my winter wardrobe! This week saw the resurrection of boots and the hibernation of sandals. The reintroduction of tights and coats. Wooly scarves have not yet made an appearance but as the first week of October looms it's only a matter of time. Today I picked up a few wardrobe staples; including thick black and navy tights. 

Penneys (Primark)

A must for my winter wardrobe...100 denier tights! Penneys have an extensive range of tights available again this winter. Every colour you could think of, and a range of microfibre and cotton knit tights. Today I picked up a pair of 100 denier microfibre tights (€3.00) and a pair of ribbed Navy 100 denier tights (€3.00). The ribbed detail in the navy tights is a nice change. I find picking Navy tights is a challenge at best as there are just so many shades of Navy! As a rule of thumb when picking up tights I buy them in size large so that I don't have to really stretch them and therefore they appear a more intense black colour (I take size 8-10 jeans but have take a 32inch leg). So when buying tights maybe take this into account and buy a size larger than you would usually! Penneys also have super cosy black and navy tights available  When the days get colder, no doubt these will be a must. That said I find they are a little too warm for this time of year. Supercosy tights are generally more expensive at approximately €4.00 per pair. This year Penneys have also introduced the perfect tights for wearing with boots. Thick black tights fitted with an inbuilt sock to keep your toes toasty! These are retailing at €5.00 per pair.

 I picked up this cool grey shade of 'NYC In a New York Minute' nail polish. The colour is called 'Sidewalkers'. I bought my Mom a bottle of this polish in shade 'Times Square' and she wore it on a walking holiday in Spain on her toenails. After walking over 100km in the heat wearing runners the polish was still in perfect order....pretty impressive! So these polishes are certainly long lasting and NYC have a really large range of colours. And the best part.....they cost  €1.29!                                                                        

Given all the success I've been having with cheaper nail polishes and eye-liners, I decided to pick up this NYC 'Individual Eye' Palette  As you all know I am a hard core MAC shadow fan and don't really stray from the intense and reliable pigmented MAC range. But there is a first time for everything. I plan on using this palette over the coming days and will give you a full and detailed report later on in the week. I picked this palette up for €3.99. It includes a primer, illuminator, applicator and four shadows. The colours are supposed to compliment green eyes (Though my old blue eyes will have to do!). There were a number of other 'Individual Eyes' compacts featuring colours suitable for brown eyes, blue eyes etc. 

Forever 21

I really should avoid all the sparkling splendour of the accessories section in Forever 21, but for some reason I just cannot help myself. They always have such a beautiful range of earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Today I treated myself to 5 new pairs of earrings.....a little excessive?? well maybe! The first pair that caught my eye were these really cute dimante clusters complete with gold bow detail. I absolutely love bows! Anything with a bow on it is automatically a winner for me! This sparkly pair set me back just €4.90. I also picked up a pale blue pair, with dimante detail around the edges. This pair cost just €3.90. Finally the trio of gold and grey stoned sparklers were just €5.90. I like the fact the Forever 21 have a very frequent turn over of stock which means that everyone you know won't be wearing identical accessories to you over the coming months!

Striped black and white jumper dress. Warm and woolly....perfect with black tights and boots (€26.75)

Black and Cream Lace Appliqué Contrast Sweater. This sweater can be dressed up with a pair of skinny black jeans and heels. I love the lace detail on the sleeve and this jumper feels really soft, warm and cosy (€26.75).

Animal Print Raglan Top. Again this top is super soft and feels gorgeous  Perfect with skinny jeans, a chunky knit scarf and a blazer (€17.75). 

Woven Black and Peach Blouse. I absolutely love the peach colour of this blouse. The contrast of the dark opaque material with the peach chiffon adds a really nice dimension to this piece (€19.75).


  1. That was a good days work!! I'm loving the tights with built in socks! I'll def be picking up a pair of them for the winter! Penny's tights are the best! Marks and Spencer's also do great tights, and don't rip! But you need to get a size bigger! The jumper with lace detail on the sleeves is gorgeous. Do they have it in any other colours? X

  2. No I only saw it in black and cream! It is lovely though isn't it! Knew you would love the boot tights!x


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