Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bank Holiday Beauty Buys

At the weekend, I did my usual trawl through the shops and picked up a few new products for my ever growing ‘Cosmetic Collection’. Sticking with my ongoing goal of looking for cheap and cheerful alternatives to high end make-up products I picked up these three items from my firm favourites NYC (New York Color) and Essence. Yet again, these products illustrate that less expensive doesn't mean less effective. 

NYC High Definition 'Separating Mascara'
I have tested masses of mascaras and as many of my readers know in the early days of ‘E-D Does It’ conducted the 7 Day Mascara Challenge. That said I am always on the lookout for the next ‘must have’ mascara and so this little number caught my eye, mostly because of the price but probably also because of the garish yellow packaging! This Mascara retails at a very reasonable €2.99. I am a huge fan of the NYC nail polish range and have been trying and testing many of the eye-shadow products which I am also really happy with. So it was time to expand my experimental tendencies to the rest of the NYC range, and next on my list…mascara. I have to say, yet again, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s always a triumph when something really cheap, turns out to be really good. The brush is made of plastic, is long and narrow and features grooves on the head of the wand as opposed to actual bristles. I found I had to pull the wand through my lashes a couple of times to achieve an even, full, 'separated' effect, but that said, once I did this my lashes looked great. I found if you rub as much excess product as possible on the top of the bottle you will fair better with applying this mascara. Also when going for your second eye, though you may be tempted to re-submerge the wand into the bottle….don’t. A little product definitely goes a long way. I am not in love with the packaging of this mascara, but on the up side, the bright yellow makes it easy to find in the ‘sea of black’ that is my make-up bag.

Essence Color & Go ‘Glitter’ Polish
So I know your thinking this polish looks horrendously cheap, garish and more fitting for a six year old than a grown woman. Don’t judge! I bought this to be used very sparingly for the tips of my nails or as an accent of detail for nail art. I have to say the pinkish tones in the glitter are far more flattering than 'Disco Ball' silver. This polish comes in at the same price as all other Essence nail polishes, a whopping €1.79. When used sparingly this top coat can make nails pop without looking tacky....I promise!

NYC 'Color Instinct Palette'
Colour: 958 'Dinner & Show'
I absolutely love the colours in this palette. The four colours include a soft shimmering gold, deep midnight blue, dark chocolate brown and shimmering cream. The shadows themselves are really soft, so soft they almost feel creamy. All of the shadows have a subtle sheen to them which look really good on the lid. The pigmentation is very good, the shadows are easy to apply and are long lasting (especially when used with an  eye-lid primer). I have been using the palette shown called 'Dinner & Show' for evening eyes, that said the more neutral colours can definitely be toned down for day wear. Not only do the shadows look great on, but the palette itself is really pretty. At €3.49...It's a thumbs up all round!

E-D's Notes
There are a number of colour combinations available in the 'Color Instinct' range. Have a look on the NYC website.
NYC products are stocked in large Penney's stores and some DocMorris Pharmacies in Ireland. Check out NYC's website for stockists in your area. Essence products are stocked in Penney's and some Dunne's Stores as well a a number of Pharmacies nationwide.

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  1. My eye lashes are terrible. I'm going to try this mascara. I am always buying different ones, even very expensive to find I don't like them. Thanks for sharing.
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