Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Chicken Liver Paté

Chicken Liver Pate has become a family gathering staple in our house at home. Whenever we all arrive home for an occasion or family gathering, Shaud (my darling Mom) always has some crackers, home-made pate and red wine at the ready, and we love her for it. There is nothing I love more than sitting around a table with some good wine, family, good friends and home-made pate....Bliss! For the price you often pay in Irish restaurants for 'home-made' pate, you would expect that it is difficult to make.....well good news, it's actually incredibly simple.

Chicken Liver Pate

Serves 6

600g chicken livers
65ml brandy
65ml port
65ml sherry
70g butter
4 cloves of garlic chopped

1. Marinate the chicken livers overnight in the alcohol and place in the fridge.
2. The next day, fry the chicken livers in pan with butter and garlic ( ensuring to add the
    juice of the marinate to the pan).                                                                                    
3. Take off the heat and blend until smooth using a hand blender.                                   
4. Place into small ramekins or dishes of your choice and chill.

E-D's Notes
- I picked up these very cute dishes in Meadows and Byrne on sale for €1.00 per
  dish....bargain! They came in a pack of 3 so I decided to pick up two packs. They would 
  be perfect for individual sized portion of this delicious pate at a dinner party and are just 
  a lovely way of presenting a very simple starter.
- I like to serve my pate on freshly made Melba toast or crusty white bread with onion 


  1. I love chicken liver patè, and here in my area Tuscany, we have a very traditional recipe! Now that I read yours, and curious to try it too!! Thanx for sharing! Simo :-)

    1. I'm be interested to see the differences Simona! Maybe you can post about your recipe at some stage!

  2. I love pate but have never been game enough to try and make it. But thanks to your post I think I just might.

    Random Drawers with Kylie

    1. Go for it....its so easy and lasts for days!


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