Thursday, 4 October 2012

Eyes for a Bargain

Today I am exploring the world of budget cosmetics yet again! I have looked at eyeliners, mascaras, nail polishes and foundations, so today it is time to look at the all important eye shadows that are available. These shadows are readily available in pharmacies and Primark or Penneys stores and all retail for less than €4.00

NYC Individual Eyes (€3.99)
So as you know I picked this palette up at the weekend. I have been using it all week and I have to say I  have been really pleasantly surprised  At a whopping €3.99 this little number is
exceptionally good value. 

Complete with four neutral shades, an eyelid primer and under brow illuminator, this palette covers all the bases. I really like the colours and found them really versatile, using the darker colours for evening wear and keeping things light and neutral for work. I was really impressed with the lid primer and found it was very comparable to my 'MAC Painterly Paint Pot'. The illuminator needed to be applied a couple of times in order to get the desired effect, but when applied in this way does work well. The eye-shadows themselves are easy to apply, have good pigmentation and are relatively long lasting. The shadows are also conveniently labelled as per where and how they should be applied, for example, all over lid, highlighter and crease. My only criticism of this palette is with the 'run of the mill' applicator which is included in this set. Needless to say I chose to use my MAC brushes to apply these products as doing so with the enclosed applicator  would not have achieved the same effect.

The palette shown is designed for green eyes. Although I don't have green eyes, I loved the colour combination in this set. There are a range of palettes available including a palette for blue eyes and a palette for brown eyes (See NYC's website for details). All in all would I recommend this palette to a friend? Undoubtedly yes. Not only that, I fully intend on picking up the palette for brown and blue eyes!
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Mono (€3.29)

These individual shadow squares are available in 27 different colours. They are soft and really easy to apply. They are long lasting and the colours are intense and sit on the lid the same colour as they appear in the packaging. At €3.29 per mono they are excellent value and really good quality. I have been gradually generating quite the collection of these shadows over the last few weeks as I really love the fact that they are so soft yet don't crease on the lid. I would highly recommend these colourful squares and at €3.29 they are a definite steal! The colours pictured below include the following shades: 

  • The Pink: (110) Gilberts Grapefruit
  • The Nude: (340) Oop Nude Did it Again 
  • The Light Grey: (250) Swimming with Dolphins
  • The Orange: (320) Dalai Drama.


Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Quatrro Eyeshadow

Given that I have had such success with the Essence eye-liner range and nail polishes I really had high hopes for this 'quattro' of essence shadows which are supposed to be inspired by Asian beauty. At €2.99 this shadow set, like the other essence products seems to be great value. That said I didn't feel that this particular product lived up to the standards of the other essence products I have already reviewed. Although the warm peach, orange and muted taupe shades look great in the palette, they are washed out, dull and light on the eyelid. The pigmentation is poor and the shadow smudges easily, and wears off very quickly. All in all I wouldn't recommend this product. Essence have many brilliant, and great value products but unfortunately this 'Quattro' Eyeshadow just isn't one of them.

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