Wednesday, 31 October 2012

First Class Top Coat

Now I will admit, like many girls when doing my nails in a rush, I don't always invest the time and apply a top coat. For this reason, my nail polish generally last 1-2 days max. before I have to go through the dreaded removal and reapplication draining! So last week, I said enough is enough and decided to 'invest' in a top coat to prolong my 'nail polish on finger' lifespan and quieten my 'other half's  moans about the smell of nail polish remover....Win Win! Keeping things cheap and cheerful, I headed to an Essence counter to see what they had on offer. Essence and NYC are my go to brands at the moment when it comes to nails...I really can't fault the vast range of colours and great value on offer from both of these brands. 

Essence Gel-Look Topcoat 
(XXXL Shine) 

Why I liked it:
Made my nails look really shiny and 'gel' like
Made my nails quite 'hard'
Made my nail colour underneath (NYC Nail Colour) last for 5 days!
Easy to apply, brush loaded well, good coverage on nail.
Good consistency....not too thin or 'drippy'

This polish needs lots of time to can look dry before it actually is, so don't be tempted to touch it (Try running your nails under cold water to speed up the process!)

All in all I really like this polish, for under €2, I really can't fault the product in terms of value for money. It definitely has cut down the frequency with which I need to paint my nails, it gives my nails an added shine and is great for sealing nail art. Happy shopping!

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