Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Oh My Good Gosh

Bargain of the week has to go to this Gosh palette I picked up in my local DocMorris Pharmacy. The palette features 22 different shades in a sleek black compact, fitted with a large, somewhat magnified mirror, and 4 'brushes/buds'. The price...€14.99, working out at less than 70 cents per shadow. Sure enough the shadow pans are a little smaller than your average size but this set is still exceptionally good value. Additionally the application 'buds' are pretty useless and I'd advise using your own make-up brushes.

The palette features a combination of matt, sheen and glitter shadows. The range of colours is good and as you can see there are no colours so 'off the wall' that you will need to avoid completely. In terms of pigmentation, the shadows are middle of the road, they are not MAC but the colours still apply strong and vibrant and when applied with an appropriate eye-lid primer you can definitely achieve striking, intense colours. The Catrice 'monos' discussed in 'Eyes for a Bargain' are probably slightly easier to apply, and the pigmentation is slightly better, but all in all this palette is a good all-rounder and ia a great gift for anyone who isn't an eye-shadow snob! Some of the colours are more intense than others, but there are definitely 14 or so shadows in the palette I will use on a regular basis.

All in all this palette is a steal at just €14.99 and is a perfect stocking filler coming up to Christmas. Available in most DocMorris pharmacies and other Gosh stockists. 

E-D's Links
- Click here to find your nearest Doc Morris Pharmacy.
- Individual eye-shadow pots from GOSH retail at €8.15..... emphasising what great value 
  this palette is all the more!
- According to the packaging GOSH eye-shadows are perfume free, easily blended and 
  are long lasting....magic!
- Click here for the GOSH Ireland website to see the complete GOSH collection.

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