Sunday, 28 October 2012

Perfectly Powerful...Kenwood K-Mix Food Processor

Tonight I am launching a new section on 'E-D Does It' called 'E-D's Equipment'. This section of the blog will  include tools, equipment, appliances and kitchenware I have, use or want to get! I'm getting things off to a start tonight with a review of my new Kenwood KMix Food Processor. This particular appliance has been on my wish list for a while, and I went all out last week and treated myself to the 6th instalment in my Kenwood KMix collection.

K-Mix Food Processor

Price: €280
That said I managed to blag myself €80 off this price and picked mine up for €200. These are recessionary times people, if you don't ask for a discount, you won't get one. Don't be embarrassed, getting money off stuff is a really satisfying feeling!

The 'Specs'
1000W Motor
3.0litre capacity bowl
Metal body / Plastic bowl
8 speeds/ Pulse button
Weight: 4.3kg
Non slip 'feet'
Colours available in Raspberry, Almond and Black

What can you use it for?
The KMix Food Processor can be used for all sorts! It has a 3 litre capacity which means no matter what your doing, there will be plenty of space. Here are just a few things I use the 
processor for:
  • Slicing
  • Chopping
  • Grating
  • Whipping
  • Making Chips
  • Making Dough
  • Making Breadcrumbs
  • Making Cake Mixture
E-D's Thoughts....
I absolutely love this processor. I think it looks amazing (a lot nicer than it's much more expensive and much heavier 'Kitchen Aid' competitor). The machine itself and different components are really easy to clean and assemble. The processor though quite substantial only weighs 4.5 kg, so it won' break your back every time you want to move it around the kitchen. This piece of equipment looks so lovely, I urge you DO NOT put it into a cupboard. When things are out on your counter top you will use them because you can see them.

What comes in the box?
  • Motor Base
  • Bowl with lid
  • Disc Storage Box
  • Recipe Book
  • 3 stainless steel disc blades (2 x Grating discs / Fine Julienne Disc)
  • Dough tool
  • Metal twin geared whisk
  • Knife Blade

I thought that the 'Disc Storage Box' as pictured was just a bit odd. It doesn't really fit together very well, and it looks a bit like an egg. The booklet illustated it fitting into the actual food processor itself for storage. Why on earth would anyone want to do that? I think the design of the storage box may need to be tweaked a little.That said I have no criticisms of the actual machine itself.

E-D's Links
K-Mix Website
K-Mix on Amazon

If you have any questions or queries of if you are contemplating buying a 'KMix Processor', just leave me a comment or send me a message.

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