Monday, 29 October 2012

Piping Like a 'Pro'

I had such a lovely, relaxing and productive bank holiday Monday. One extra day on the weekend makes such a difference. This morning I got up bright and early and hit the shops before the masses, in at 11 out by 1 is usually my motto, I can't bear crowds when shopping. Today I hit another favourite spot of mine when it comes to good deals, great value and for finding things you never even knew you needed.....TKMaxx. Lately I have had renewed interest in TKMaxx, that is since I realised they do such great sugarcraft/cake decorating equipment and general kitchenware. Molly cringes when he sees me heading for the big red doors as he knows he's in for a long wait. Today I treated myself to a new piping set. I have been using a Tala set with detachable nozzles, however I felt it was time for an upgrade as I wanted a wider range of nozzles and a set compatible with disposable piping bags.

Swift Icing Nozzle Set

Brand: Swift (Essential Kitchen Tools)
Product: Icing Nozzle Set (Set of 24)

Price: €8.99 (Bought from TKMaxx)

I am delighted with this product. The carrier box is a perfect platform for neatly storing each of the nozzles and displays them really well making them easy to see. Although a piping bag did not come in the box, the nozzles are a uniform size (3.5cm diameter) which fit well with any available disposable or washable piping bags on the market. Each nozzle is made from hard plastic, and I find the nozzles really easy to clean. As you can see from the photos there are a wide range of nozzles for different purposes:
- 10 star topped nozzles (in varying diameters)
- 12 round topped nozzles (in varying diameters)
-  2 ribbon nozzles (different sizes)

E-D's Links
- Swift is a registered trademark of Dexam....check out their website here
- Use these links to find your local TKMaxx store (or in the US TJMaxx).
- YouTube is for great tutorials on piping and cake decorating....Have a look here for ideas!


  1. Wow! I guess, we do have the same addiction as of this day. I'm quite very inclined in baking these past few weeks, and was quite thinking whether I'll turn it up into a full-blast business. And yeah, I'm just very interested with your Swift Icing Nozzle Set, cause I've been actually searching for something like this for some time now but I can't find something like this in our place. I envy this set, like seriously!

  2. Aw thanks for the lovely comment Dana! This set is great and I know they have them on Amazon if thats any help!


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