Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Rainbow Cake

I cannot even convey how excited I am about today's post. Dreaming up a recipe involving multiple layers of colour has been something playing on my mind for quite a while. I have seen pictures of this kind of cake before and been in awe and then got to thinking, how hard can it be? After trawling the internet for recipes I was somewhat dismayed to find that a lot of the recipes for these fantastic creations were made from boxed 'cake mix'.....big 'no no' in my book! So I decided to put my thinking cap on and develop a recipe to create this colourful masterpiece. I settled on an adapted version of Madeira style mixture with cream cheese frosting. Thanks to my Mom, Shaud for helping out with this endeavour given my continued one handed status, being honest she was the manpower behind the magic today! Being on onlooker and calling out the recipe is hard when your used to getting stuck in, but I'm under strict orders not to use my right 'paw' given how sore it is. This cake is absolutely colossal and is an afternoons work, but as you can see the result is more than worth all the effort. It is a feast for the eyes and tummy!


Serves 30+ people 

Cakes                                            Frosting
570g butter (melted)                      150g butter
570g sugar                                     900g icing sugar
10eggs                                           375g cream cheese
850g self-raising flour
Vanilla essence                              2 packets of skittles for decorating
10g Cocoa powder

For the Cakes
1. Cream the melted butter and sugar together in a free-standing mixer until well 
    combined. Meanwhile whisks the eggs and then add to mixture a little at a time. Finally 
    fold in the flour.
2. Split the mixture into seven different bowls and add the food colouring, mixing until you 
    achieve a rich, bright colour. 
3. Place the cake mix into the pre-greased silicone moulds (8cm in diameter). Place each 
    cake in the oven at 180C for 10-12 minutes or until firm to the touch.
4. Remove the cakes from the oven turn out on to a wire rack to cool completely.

For the Frosting
Cream the butter and icing sugar together. Next add in the cream cheese. Mix the frosting for 5 minutes until light and fluffy, ensuring to scrape the sides of the mixer intermittently.  

The Assembly
Choose the arrangement of colours aiming to stack contrasting colours on top of each other. Coat the top of each cake with a thin layer of frosting and stack. Then coat the outside of the cake with the remaining frosting, smoothing with a spatula or palette knife. Use the skittles (or M&M's if you prefer) to decorate.

E-D's Notes:

  • I picked up my silicone cake moulds from Dealz for just €1.49 each. They are the perfect depth and width for this Rainbow cake and are easy to clean and store.
  • Good quality food colouring is essential in order to achieve bright vivid colours. I used Wilton food colouring gels. However for the red layer I mixed some liquid red food colouring (Dr.Oetker) with 10g of cocoa and three drops of vanilla essence forming a paste which I then added to the mixture. This meant that the red layer was a rich red colour and didn't turn pink when the red colouring was added to the mixture.
  • Before icing the cake, ensure all of the cakes are totally cooled, otherwise the cream cheese frosting will simple slide off.
  • I only had three silicone moulds therefore I made the mixture in batches so that the mixture wasn't sitting around on the counter-top (which can affect the raising agent in the flour).


  1. A triumph of colour and daftness :-)

  2. How cute is that?? I'm so envious - baking is NOT my thing!! Great job!

  3. Emma, Thankyou for taking the time to comment on my blog. I'm now your newest follower, and the rainbow cake that you made is now my son's upcoming 5th birthday cake. What an amazing cake!!!!

    :) Kylie from Random Drawers

    1. Kylie so glad you got to have a look around my site! Best of luck with your Rainbow Adventures! :-)

  4. This is perfection! Well done you! Am secretly hoping I can ruffle up something like this soon. Although have a feeling mine be more of a leaning tower of Pisa type show ;)

    1. Ha funny you say that Rincy, I was joking at the time that it looked a bit like the leaning tower of Pisa! But we managed to straighten it up! Thanks for the lovely comment, had a look around your lovely it!


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