Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tiffany & Co. Birthday Cake

At the weekend it was my brilliant Aunty Moira's 50th Birthday celebration and Shaud and I needed to create a cake as fantastic as Moira (no mean feat I assure you!). This is what we came up with; a spectacular tiered pink and brown number complete with pearl and diamond detail. The cake is made up of a three different layers; a plain Madeira, a rich chocolate cake and a lemon Madeira. 

The Details:
I picked up this pretty pack of Dr.Oetker embellishments called 'White Christmas' (pictured below). I used these for the quilted detail on the top tier of the cake, giving it a cushioned appearance. We also used these pearls to decorate the edge of each cake.

We used Wilton gel food colourings to colour the fondant in the following shades;
For the Pink (Rose)
For the Brown (Brown)
For the Blue (Sky Blue)
Techniques & Tools
This tutorial is really clever if you want to attempt some quilted detail on a cake as pictured:. You don't need any fancy equipment just follow the instructions in the video.

Pick yourself up a smoother to achieve this perfectly smooth finish when working with fondant or buttercream icing. They are relatively cheap and will give your cakes a professional looking finish.

A rotating cake board is a great investment if you plan on taking up cake decorating. It makes turning and decorating your creations much easier, particularly fine details which may need to by attached or hand painted. These rotating boards are readily available in any good cake decorating shop.

The How To.....
-  My aunty Moira loves all things that sparkle! So incorporating 'bling' into the cake was an    
   absolute must.The Tiffany's bag was made from roll out icing, which was coloured the perfect 
   'Tiffany's shade of blue. Shaud then used a paintbrush and food colouring to add the 'Tiffany &  
   Co.' detailing.
 - Shaud used a flat flexible spatula to smooth and spread the delicious chocolate icing.
-  Everything on the cake is edible with the exception of the dimante as we were unable to 
   access edible diamonds in Ireland and didn't have time to order them from the U.K. We 
   picked up these 'dimante' embellishments from my favourite store 'Dealz' for €1.49.
- We decorated each tier separately, before finally assembling the grand design! Shaud 
   inserted 4 small dowels into two of the cakes to support it.

E-D's Notes
- If anyone needs an idea of quantities to make a cake this size, drop me an email or comment 
  and I will send you on the recipes/quantities.
- Drawing out a sketch of your ideas is always a good idea when embarking on the creation of  
  a cake this size. Playing around with colours and shapes on paper will definitely pay off in the 
  long run!
- Happy Birthday again Moira, hope you loved the cake as much as we loved making it!


  1. I now can appreciate the effort and thought that goes inot such a work of art Emma. Thanks again to you and Shaud <3

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