Monday, 12 November 2012

Bows & Frills

This week in my sugar-craft course I learnt how to ice a cake properly with no lumps or bumps. It was an eye-opening experience and a skill I'm now happy to have in my repertoire  During the class our tutor had this excellent PME scalloped ribbon cutter. This ribbon cutter means you can cut out a pretty ribbon to go the whole way around your cake rather than using a non-edible silk ribbon. I loved it immediately, because when I'm making a cake I really like everything to be edible and the ribbon shouldn't be an exception. The nice people at Decobake brought this cutter into Decobake in the city centre from their shop in Clane and had it for me the next day. So if you were thinking of getting one, ring ahead and order one and save yourself a trip. The cutter features two different patterns a smaller and larger scalloped edge. When using the cutter with roll out icing simply roll out a long sausage shape, flatten it out and then a ribbon to your desired thickness. Simple! This PME cutter cost €6.36.

I also picked up this pretty bow cutter which I used to decorate the top of my cake. This cutter
also has a round scalloped circle on the back which your can cut out first and place the bow 
on. I decided to keep things simple on my cake and cut the bows out on their own. Then using a 'wheely' tool I added some detail onto the ribbons. This FMM Bow cutter cost €3.95

     Here is how everything look together. I used regular roll out fondant icing for the whole  
     cake, coloured using Wilton colouring gels. Simple but effective! If you have any questions, 
     please leave me a comment or email me.

E-D's Links
FMM Bow Cutter
PME Straight Frill Cutter


  1. I am obsessed with sugercraft. I just love designing cakes!
    Only yesterday my icing bag burst! (sigh)
    I find roll-out icing much easier to work with though.
    Your decorating looks great!
    Marian :D x

    1. Oh my god it's so annoying when that happens...I never know whether to laugh or cry, especially when it bursts all over the cake! I'm doing a course on sugar craft at the moment out in Knocklyon its amazing! Thanks for the lovely words Marian x


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