Friday, 9 November 2012

Brands for Your Hands

The winter weather has set in which means I have started my hand moisturising routine. I have tried and tested lots of hand creams but one that is a staple in my collection is Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail. Recently during my weekly shop in Aldi I noticed they were stocking a similarly packaged and named product 'Lacura Hand and Nail Cream'. It was a handy handbag size so I tossed it into the trolley and said I'd give it a go. As everyone knows I'm all about finding a bargain and own brand alternatives. Unfortunately on this occasion the cheaper alternative didn't make the cut. There is a definite difference between the two creams and the Lacura cream left my hands feeling as dry as when I didn't use it. If you are looking for a hand cream this winter, this Vaseline product is excellent and leaves your hands feeling great. It definitely improves the condition of your skin if used continuously. 


  1. As a ceramic artist where my hands get very dry from using clay and glazes I realy give the thumbs up for Vaseline hand cream. It is the best hand cream I have ever used :)

  2. Agree with the above! I'm a Vaseline girl through and through :)


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