Saturday, 10 November 2012

Catrice of the Week

I was in my local McCabes Pharmacy this week and found my self being pulled by some magnetic force towards the make-up stands....yet again. You have all heard me rant and rave about the Catrice collection, and today I wanted share my most recent purchase. So far I have found Catrice to be great value, high quality products. This week I was testing out another foundation in the Catrice range. As you know I previously reviewed the Infinite Matt foundation and found it to be exceptionally good in terms of coverage and finish, given the price. 

This week I am trying out a different foundation in the collection called Photo finish 18h Liquid Foundation. This foundation can be recognised at the Catrice stand as a rounded bottle in contrast with the square edges of the Infinite Matt. Photo Finish also comes in 5 shades, compared to the 3 shades available in the Infinite Matt collection. Strangely enough I'm not mad about the smell of this photo finish foundation. It seems to be slightly more perfumed than the Infinite Matt, and the texture of the product is slightly different. I chose the Sand Beige colour, which appeared to be the palest shade, but found that the colour match was nothing as good as the 010 Light Beige available in the Infinite Matt. 

All in all this foundation provides good coverage and a nice finish, but in terms of longevity, it definitely starts to fade earlier in the day than the Matt Foundation. It could be a case of personal preference and skin type, but I just much prefer the Matte Foundation. It has less of a sheen, and looks far more natural. This foundation retails at €6.99 and if you prefer a more dewy and less matte finish, this could just be the foundation for you. Personally I will be sticking with the Infinite matte purely due to it's long lasting finish and perfect skin tone match. 

E-D's Notes
- Catrice is stocked in some McCabes Pharmacies as well as in Penney's in Dublin city centre. 
- I use MAC foundation brush (190SE) when applying all liquid foundations.

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