Sunday, 11 November 2012

Cookie Cutter Queen

Over the last week I have become absolutely fixated with finding unusual cookie cutters. Why this obsession has developed I'm not sure, but it could to do with the fact that my Cupcake Sugar Cookies worked out so well, (thanks to  Bake at 350 for the inspiration). I have to say that Dublin is really coming up in the ranks in terms of the availability of great cake and bake tools. I'm spoilt for choice now between Decobake, STOCK and Kitchen Compliments in the city centre. For today's post I'm sharing some of the great cutters I've picked up and where. I know many of my readers don't live on the lovely emerald isle that is Ireland, but all of these products are also available on the internet so I have included a link to a supplier who ships internationally. There is so much you can do with a good sugar cookie dough, a piping bag and a cool cutter, so get creative and email me some of your cookie triumphs! 

What's the damage??
1. Wilton 'Wedding' Cookie Cutter Set €9.68 (Decobake)
2. Heart Shape Cutters Set €5.99 (TKMaxx)
3. Diamond Ring €3.50, Dog €2.50 & Anchor Cutter €3.50 (Stock)
4. Wilton Pet Shaped Cookie Cutter Set €5.99 (TKMaxx)

I absolutely love this diamond ring cutter, perfect for engagement party goodies or for creating very fancy 'party rings'. I'm really looking forward to using this cutter, and playing around with decoration ideas. This little dog cutter reminds me of 'Chipie' the dog on the clothing brand for children. Does anyone remember this? I look forward to decorating this dog black with a pretty red bow. I thought the anchor would be cool for a nautical themed treat decorated with red, white and navy stripes, and maybe even a little gold detail.

I picked up these Pet Shape cutters by Wilton because I am dog obsessed, as our my Mom and Dad, so thought they'd get a kick out of them. The set includes a paw print, a kennel, a bone and a dog cutter. 

Needless to say I will be trying and testing all these cutters and will share the outcomes in new posts, with cookie recipes and decorating ideas.

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