Monday, 26 November 2012

Face Facts

This morning I have a review of some of my favourite face wipes. I have had lots of comments and questions about my daily skin care routine and face wipes most definitely are apart of that routine. I have tried and tested numerous face wipes over the years but these are the ones I would 'recommend to a friend' or purchase again and again. I use face wipes to remove the bulk of my make-up after a a long day, and then will often use eye make-up remover to remove any stubborn mascara. My skin is prone to dry patches in winter, but in general I would describe my skin as normal-dry. What each of the face wipes have in common is that they are very 'wet' making make-up removal quicker, easier and a lot less hassle. 

Tesco Everyday Value Facial Wipes
These wipes don't boast any fancy packaging, any crazy formula and are insanely cheap. Yet time after time, I find myself coming back to basics and using these fantastic wipes, as I just can't fault them. Now I know many of you will think I'm mad using Tesco own brand wipes on my skin, but I have to say the results speak for themselves. They have a mild, non-scented, gentle formula, which doesn't irritate or dry out my skin. These wipes are great for taking off the days make-up including stubborn eye make-up. For 83c all I can say is.....give them a go and you won't be disappointed. 
Price: €0.83
Rating: 9/10

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes 
For many years Simple were my go to wipes. I really love simple products because they are gentle on my skin, scent free and don't leave you with any 'stingy' sensation. All in all they are good value, and can often by bought cheaply in multi-pack offers. My only critiscim is the wipes themselves can be a little rough or abrasive. Very slightly, but just in comparison to some other wipes. This (and the price) is the only reason I now use my Tesco wipes over Simple. That said these wipes have plenty of moisture, making make-up removal (even mascara) a breeze. 
Price: €3.89
Rating: 8/10

Soap & Glory 'Off Your Face' Cleansing Cloths
Like all 'Soap and Glory' packaging, these 'Off your Face' wipes look great. A little pricey at nearly €6.00 for 25 wipes though. These wipes are really 'wet' and left my face feeling adequately cleansed. My only criticism of these wipes it they are quite perfumed. This may actually be a positive thing for many people, but I have sensitive skin and found them a little 'stingy' at times when my skin was a little irritated or dry and particularly when using them around my eyes. All in all though, these wipes are a good product, that get the job done. The air tight flip top also ensures these wipes maintain their moisture and don't dry out.
Price: €5.80
Rating: 7/10

Olay Anti-Wrinkle Wet Wipes
These wipes are great. I really like the scent and they are really moist, making make-up removal really easy. They were kind to my sensitive skin and wiped off the days make-up with ease. The wipes themselves were slightly textured, meaning that they can be used to very gently exfoliate your skin as you cleanse. They boast an anti-wrinkle formula and are suitable for ageing skin. 
Price: €4.79
Rating: 8/10


  1. We use tesco own brand baby wipes for face wipes! 70-something cent and soft and perfect for my uber sensitive skin :)

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