Sunday, 4 November 2012

Lemon Surprise Pudding

Had a lovely evening last night, movies, wine, a delicious dinner courtesy of my Mom and of course good company. Yesterday evening I put together this dessert as requested by Molly. I used to make this dessert all the time as it is one of Molly's favourites. The only problem is we were all so full after dinner that we ended up having dessert for breakfast this morning! It was just as nice. This pudding has a really great lemony flavour and moist light sponge, complete with a lemon syrup at the base. After chocolate, Lemon is one of my favourite ingredients when it comes to desserts, I love the zesty flavour. Cream is a must have for this pudding, and I always serve this pudding warm. 

Lemon Surprise Pudding

50g butter
110g sugar
2 lemons (zest & juice)
50g self-raising flour
150ml milk
2 eggs (separated)

1. Beat together the sugar, butter and lemon rind in a bowl using a handheld mixer or  
    alternatively a free standing mixer.
2. Next, add beat in the egg yolks a little at the times.
3. Meanwhile, beat the egg whites until they form still peaks and leave aside.
4. Place the lemon juice and milk in a jug, and slowly add to the mixture alternatively with the 
    flour a little at a time.
5. Finally fold in the egg whites. Place the mixture in a deep, buttered dish and place in the 
    oven at 180C for 35-40 minutes or until lightly browned on top.

E-D's Notes
- This recipe is adapted from my cooking bible Delia Smith's 'A Complete Cookery Course'.   
  This book is crammed full of delicious and classic desserts, dinners and more.
- This pudding keeps well for up to two days if covered. Fat chance of that happening in my 
   house though.


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