Thursday, 1 November 2012

Stack your Racks!

I love my kitchen and I love my apartment so very much, but storage is a challenge in most living spaces and in my apartment in particular. In my kitchen I have limited counter space, and so fitting all my tools, equipment and ingredients for my kitchen adventures can be challenging at the best of times. A couple of weekend ago whilst stumbling through the aisles of 'Homestore & More' I saw something that caught my eye. Stackable 'wire racks'.....Genius! It is such an unbelievably simple idea, yet has made a huge difference during my baking escapades in terms of available counter space for decorating, after my creations have been taken out of the oven. These trays are a must for apartment dwelling budding chefs like myself. The racks obviously fold flat and are easy to store as shown in the picture below.Though not as exciting as pretty cakes or delicious treats, putting some thought into getting the right tools and bake-wear for your kitchen can save you a lot of time and energy!The set of three Stackable Racks set me back €6.99, which I felt was a fair price given how wonderful they are for freeing up space. They are available from Home Store & More in Ireland. That said I did spot a set here on eBay based in the UK and a set here by Wilton sold on Amazon in the U.S. Happy Shopping! 


  1. Yes, space is such an issue isn't it. I keep dreaming of the big farmhouse kitchen I shall have one day - sigh. That wrack is a good idea though, I often have cakes cooling all over the place as there is little room in my kitchen.

  2. Tell me about it! I end up having to put cakes all over my living room....which is unsafe at times when my boyfriend is around! I dream of similar farm house day I will have endless counter day!


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