Sunday, 18 November 2012

Stylish Storage Solutions

Whether you live in an apartment or a mansion, every home needs good storage solutions to keep things neat, tidy, organised and accessible. I like things in good order, and in my apartment, everything certainly has a place. Molly found this a little challenging when we first moved in together, but over the last 2 years has grown to 'love' my neat and tidy approach. I want to share with you some recent additions chez moi, which have added lots more useful storage for all my precious bits and pieces. 

Hall Dresser with Baskets
For quite a while now I have been finding it difficult to fit all of my kitchen gizmos and gadgets comfortably into my drawers and presses. I seem to have acquired a lot of equipment in the last few months for baking and sugar-craft, and have been putting them in all sorts of odd places to keep them out of sight. I like things to look tidy and having bits and pieces lying around the places irks me. I convinced Molly I could fit a shelf in the hallway of our apartment and went about the somewhat arduous process of dresser/shelf hunting for my assigned space. All I will say is, if you are picking up a piece of furniture for a relatively small space, be strict with measurements and ensure you have them written down before you hit the shops. Often what may look 'small' in a shop, is hugely oversized for your pokey apartment! 

After lots of shopping around I picked up this shelf in IKEA from the 'Billy' range. It is quite narrow and therefore was perfect for my hallway, and also is a perfect height for keeping things on top. Next the hunt for baskets began. I never wanted to use this fully as a bookshelf (I don't have that many cookbooks....yet!). I was looking for additional storage solutions to make this 'shelf' into something that really worked for all the 'bit & bobs' I needed to store. I found these brilliant bamboo collapsible baskets in TKMaxx. I was sure to bring my measuring tape whilst shopping, and was beyond delighted when I found I could fit exactly three of these baskets on one shelf. My shelf has now been converted into a really functional storage unit that looks better than I could have hoped for. This shelf is ideally located outside my kitchen door, meaning I can keep all my cooking equipment hidden away but yet at arms reach. 

Shelf: €26 IKEA
Baskets: €8.99 (each) TKMaxx

'Clear as Day' Make-Up Drawers
I am beyond excited about the new addition of this storage box to my humble abode. As my readers know I am a cosmetic queen, make-up addict and beauty buff. I spend a lot of time browsing and buying make-up and the likes, but have the age-old problem of storage. I have attempted numerous solutions over the years, to display my wares in such a way that I can see them, and which doesn't involve rooting and rummaging like a mad woman. I was brainstorming  over the weekend on possible solutions, as at this stage it had gotten to a crisis point due to all my testing and trying of recent. I got to work on Google and came across this ingenious idea. These are stackable acrylic drawers which are transparent meaning you can see everything. You can add to them as you need them and the additional drawers are sold individually and in sets of two. The top drawer also has a lift-able lid. I picked these up from Japanese store 'Muji' on Chatham Street in Dublin. Muji have stores around the world, so check here for your nearest store. Although these drawers may not be the cheapest they are a very novel concept and I like they way they can be bought in instalments. 

Info: Set of 2 drawers with lifting lid: €22 (Muji)
Set of 2 drawers:€22 (Muji)

Bathroom Beauty Caddy
Bathrooms are a problem area in most households in terms of storage. I have countless bottles of this and that the litter my bathroom and was in need of a shelf to keep everything together. The joys of rented accommodation can make shelves and storage a little problematic as we can't screw, nail or hammer anything into the walls without the permission of our landlord (more hassle than it's worth). Therefore coming up with clever alternatives to avoid nails and screws in a must. I picked this pretty floral detailed shelf up in TKMaxx for €14.99. Instead of putting it into the shower (which it is designed for) I put it on an over the door hook as general bathroom storage on the back of my bathroom door. I keep creams, deodorants, and hair paraphernalia in it, meaning they are neat and tidy but easy to access.

Info: Over Door Hooks (pack of 3): €1.49 Penneys
Shower Caddy: €14.99 TKMaxx

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