Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sugar Craft- Flower Power

I know I haven't shared any of my sugar craft escapades in quite a while so I thought I'd give you a little update. Recently I've been experimenting with flowers. Being honest, I much prefer making models of people,objects and animals. I don't think flowers are my strength, but I've been enjoying experimenting with colours, pastes and wire. Flowers can be very labour intensive and are much trickier than I thought they would be. That said I have devised a method for making these pretty pink roses (pictured) which are actually quite straight forward to make and don't require any specialist tools. Have a look at my step by step photo guide below to see how you can make these pretty roses for the tops of cupcakes. These flowers are made with regular roll out/fondant icing, so no fancy materials required.

Cupcake Roses 'How To'

1. Take a piece of fondant icing, roll into into a sausage and divide into four equal parts. Make 
    three of the parts into small balls and the final into an oval oblong.
2. Put the 4 pieces of fondant between two pieces of cling film or alternatively use a poly 
    pocket with the sides snipped off. Using your thumb flatten one side of each circle/oblong.
3. Next first taking the oblong shaped petal, curl it inwards.
4. Then take a round flattened petal and wrap it around the oblong curl. 
5. Ensure to hold the flower at the base.
6. Repeat the process, but placing one side of the new petal, under the side of the previous 
    petal (as pictured).
7. Snip off any excess fondant at the base of the flower. Place on the top of your cupcake.

I also made this pretty spray of fressia flowers. All the buds, and flowers are edible. It really is incredible what you can learn in such a short space of time. These flowers were made using white sugar florist paste and coloured icing dust pigment, which I applied carefully using a paintbrush. These freesia are definitely a step up from the simple cupcake roses, and using florist wire and tape can be tricky to perfect. The pretty pearl stamen are available from Decobake, Dublin and from or any good cake supplies store.

E-D Does It
- If you have any questions about the above flowers please just leave a comment.
- I used sugar florist paste for the freesia flowers at the bottom which are very delicate.
- I used regular fondant icing coloured with Wilton colouring gels for the Cupcake Roses.
Decobake in Dublin/Clane stock all of the products required to make the flowers.

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  1. The freesia are fab Emma, would love to try these myself <3


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