Thursday, 1 November 2012

Top 10 MAC Must Haves!

I know I blog a lot about budget products, bargain beauty and value cosmetics, but sometimes you just need to splurge and spend a little money on those high end products! Before embarking on my 'E-D Does It' journey back in August, I have to admit I was more of a 'Splurge & Spend' kinda gal when it came to my cosmetics. I will admit I have seen the light and really recognise that there is a lot of value to be found out there in the beauty world if you know where to find it. That said needless to say there are a lot of amazing products out there if you can sink your hand just a little deeper into you pocket....but sometimes it's nice to treat yourself and do just that. Today I have compiled a list of my 'Top 10 MAC Must Haves'. I have now started using these products in conjunctions with cheaper, budget cosmetics and being honest am achieving just as good a look as I did before!


The Eyelid Primer 
 1. Mac Paint Pot in 'Painterly' €19.00
     I have to say, that primer is a must have to keep eye-shadow in place all day long. If your 
     going to the bother of applying your shadows carefully every morning, you want them to look 
     the same as you did when you left the house at 8am as they do at 9pm. This eye-lid primer is 
     a creamy consistency and sets a great base to set your eye-shadow on. At €19.00 it may 
     seem a little pricey, but it does last for ages and means you need to apply less shadow to 
     achieve intense colours.

The Eyeshadow Pots 
  2. Omega €15.00
  3. Folie €15.00
  4. Vanilla €15.00 
      I will admit I am a MAC eye-shadow junkie....somewhat reformed, but I still avoid the MAC 
      counter as I am well aware I have no self-control. MAC shadows are the gold standard when 
      it comes to shadows in terms of pigmentation, longevity and blend-ability. Below are a few 
      swatches of some of my favourite matte, neutral shades. These types of colours are also 
      really great for older eyes, where you are trying to avoid sheen and sparkle. Great for day 
      time wear, or as a base for more 'glam', shimmering shadows. I absolutely love 'Vanilla' in 
      particular and use it all the time for blending and highlighting under my brow.


The Concealer
  5. Studio Finish Concealer (SPF 35) €17.50
      Concealer is something we wish we didn't need but unfortunately we do! This concealer is 
      pretty exceptional in terms on coverage and longevity. Once applied in the morning it really 
      doesn't budge. I find it excellent for covering specific blemishes and circles under eyes. I  
      have my pot for nearly 4 years, so it really does last! That said I don't get too many  
      blemishes and luckily don't need to use this that often. I use Colour NW15 which is for very 
      pale skin. 

The Brushes 
  6. Powder/Blush Brush (129SE)
  7. Foundation Brush (190SE)
  8. Eye Shader Brush (239SE)
  9. Blending Brush (217SE)
      What can I saw other than brushes are an absolute MUST when it comes to applying make-
      up well. Whatever product you are using, if you have a good set of brushes, you will be able  
      to apply it so much better. Yes I know brushes are extortionately expensive, particularly 
      MAC's pricey range, but think of it as an investment. Never fear though, as it is the right time 
      of year...MAC will be launching their holiday brush sets in the next week or so. These brush 
      sets usually include 4-5 brushes for around €50. Believe me when I day this an absolute  
      bargain, and if you are in need of some brushes they are well worth the money. 

The Brush Cleaner 
10. Brush Cleanser €12.00
      I like to think of this cleaner as a means of looking after my investment. Brushes are very  
      pricey, so looking after them, caring for them properly is essential in order to get your 
      moneys worth. You might be thinking have I lost the plot spending €12.00 on a cleaner for 
      brushes? Well, no I haven't! This cleaner cleans your brushes in a way all the hot water and 
      soap or shampoo will never do. It does it so easily that minimum agitation is needed 
      therefore protecting you brushes even further. Well worth the money if you have expensive 

Any thoughts or questions??? Leave me a comment, or email me. Would love to hear from you!
Emma x


  1. Hello! I really want a nice, neutral blush from mac, like a pinky-peach. Do you have any suggestions? I'm thinking about well dressed, but will it show up on pale skin? Thanks so much if you reply :)

    1. Hi Alisa, well dressed is a great colour and works great on pale skin. Alternatively you could try 'fleur power' for a pinker shade, or 'pinch'o peach' for something a little stronger. Ask them to try the product on your skin in the MAC store to make sure your happy with the colour with your skin tone....don't be afraid to try it go away and come back sometimes it can be tricky to judge new colours in the bright un-natural light of a department store! Hope this helps x


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