Sunday, 23 December 2012

Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Pottage

The countdown to Christmas continues and I really enjoyed a busy morning doing the Christmas food shop with Shaud. We were also decking the halls quite literally with holly in preparation for the arrival of my wonderful brother from Australia this evening. Excitement is not the word! Since I arrived home, my wonderful Mom Shaud has gone to great lengths to buy and cook things reminiscent of my childhood. Last night we made something I haven't had since I was a child....and after last night I don't know how we forgot about it for so many years, because it was absolutely delicious! As children we always called this dish 'Chicken la Siobhán' after my Mom, in essence it is a creamy pottage packed with flavour. This dish is really easy to throw together and is a great dish to serve particularly if your feeding many mouths. 

Creamy Chicken & Broccoli Pottage 
(a.k.a. Chicken la Siobhán)
Serves 4

1 medium cooked chicken or 3 medium chicken breasts
1 can of Cambells mushroom soup
450g of broccoli cooked
2 tbsp mayonaise
1 cup of white cheddar grated
2 tsp mild curry powder 
300ml of milk
1. Place the broccoli at the bottom of a casserole dish, place chicken on top.
2. Mix remainder of ingredients in a jug, then pour over chicken and broccoli in the 
    casserole dish.
3. Cook at 180°C for 30-40 minutes or until piping hot.

E-D's Notes
- This dish is really simple but delicious. It was the only way my Mom could ever get me to eat 
  broccoli as a child.
- I like to serve this dish on a bed of basmati, or Thai Jasmine rice. Alternatively it can just as  
  easily be served with pasta or potatoes.

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