Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Lip Service

I have done quite a few posts at this stage on eye-shadows, foundations, nail polishes and mascaras. So I thought it was about time I shared some of my 'must haves' for lips. It's that time of year where looking after you lips is an absolute must. Depending on the day I may opt for a simple gloss, a vibrant lipstick, or an understated nude look. Here is a countdown of my Top 5 lip 'Must Haves' at the moment. 

1. MUA Pink Shade 3 (€1.35)
    Like their eye-shadows, MUA provide a great range of vibrant, long lasting lip colour. There 
    is a huge range of colours available, but I'm a particular fan of this pink. The cheapest of the   
    bunch this lipstick is exceptional value, wears really well and the packaging doesn't look  

2. MAC 'St.Germain' (€17.50)
    This colour is a little more 'out there' and is a bubble gum pink colour which looks great with 
    most outfits. 'St.Germain' is definitely a statement colour that won't be everyone's cup of tea, 
    but I love it in both summer and winter. It has a matte effect and can be applied heavily for a 
    very strong vibrant colour, or for a less intense colour just apply a little less.

3. MAC 'Myth' (€17.50)
   The ultimate nude lipstick, I often wear this lipstick if wearing very dramatic eye make-up, and 
    want to keep my lips very neutral. I sometimes opt to top this colour with a clear gloss for day 

4. Clarins 'Instant Light' (€16.26)
    I discovered this when I was given it as a gift. I love this product. It is small and great for your 
    handbag. The colour is really nice, and the gloss is moisturising without being in any way 
    sticky. The soft sponge applicator is a welcome change to the use of a budded want and 
    allows you to apply the perfect amount of product. Available in 3 subtle shades, but I adore 
    this pink 'rose shimmer'. The gloss pictured is a miniature version I have for my handbag, but 
    the full sized tube is obviously considerably bigger.

5. Essence 'Dazzling Beige' (€2.59)
    Great for day time wear, I use this nearly like a lip balm. It's very understated but moisturises 
    and protects your lips from the cold while providing a subtle sheen. At this price, in an 
    absolute steal and a handy one to have on your handbag when braving the elements.

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  1. Mac saint geramin is so nice, i love it.
    Clarins it seems a very good product, i don't have it nothing, but christmas it's on the corner....
    thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Emma must try some of these :)


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