Saturday, 26 January 2013

MAC Make-Up Cake

This week I have been asked by a certain lovely colleague at work to make a special cake for her daughters up coming 30th Birthday. Unsure of what she wanted, we did a little brainstorming during the week and decided on an all together girly number. This cake was inspired by my love of all things make-up! This cake was such a wonderful opportunity to bring together some of the things in life I love the most.... sugar craft and cosmetics! 

The Exterior
The outside of this cake is made up of pink and brown roll out icing, carefully fitted over the cake to create a really dramatic façade.  I love the combination of brown and pink, and the bow detail, and vertical stripes really make the colours pop. On top, I modelled the make up bag from rice krispie squares, covered with roll out fondant icing which I finished with a quilted effect and embellished with cream pearls. The cosmetics are made from solid fondant carefully coloured with Americolor colourings. For the writing I used a very fine paintbrush along with a drop of black food colouring mixed with a drop of vodka.

The Interior
The cake itself is made up of two layer. Layer one, is a pink rice krispie cake, packed with marshmallows and white chocolate and then carefully coloured to a pretty and girly pink. Once set I covered the rice kripsie cake with a delicious white chocolate ganache, the recipe of which I shared when doing my Batman Cake. I used this ganache in order to fill in any gaps or concave parts of the cake. This meant I could achieve a really smooth finish when I applied the fondant icing on top. The second layer is a delicious carrot cake. Not just any carrot cake mind you...The carrot cake is made up of multiple layers, coloured brown and pink which tie in with the exterior of the cake perfectly! Sandwiched together with delicious cream cheese frosting this cake is incredibly moist, creamy and needless to say......delicious! The carrot cake recipe used was one I previously shared here, adapted slightly to achieve the internal striped design for the extra wow-factor! The handbag is made with chocolate rice krispie cake with marshmallows. As an alternative to ganache, I instead used Chocolate Philadelphia to smooth the outside of the cake which worked a treat and is surprisingly delicious! 

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  1. Congratulations well done Emma it's fab :)

  2. Emma,
    Thank you so much for your absolute masterpiece, it was a brilliant surprise! It went down a treat at the party...absolutely delicious!
    Thanks again
    Emer B x

  3. Aw Emer delighted you liked it! Heard you had a fantastic night and congrats on the big news! x


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