Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Perfectly Priced Pyrex

After a shopping trip at the weekend with Molly, I am delighted to report back on an unmissable offer that is currently being run in Tesco. I am a really big fan of Pyrex products. I find them incredibly well wearing, durable and they always seem to look new...which I love! I am lucky enough to have a few Pyrex pieces already in my collection, but when my attention was drawn to what Tesco currently have on offer, I have to say I was more than a little excited! 

Tesco often run 'Collect and Save' promotions in store, whereby if you spend €10 in store you earn a stamp which can be put towards a discount on the specified product. On this occasion the 'product' is a range of shapes and sizes of Pyrex bowls and dishes (complete with plastic lids) along with some products from the Pyroflam collection. 

We always had Pyrex dishes at home when I was growing up and I associate these dishes with some of my earliest memories of baking. The Pyrex dishes I used as a child are still used time and time again at home and look as good as new after 20 years which is not mean feat! All of the Pyrex dishes in the collection come with a 10 year guarantee which is an added bonus, but one that I doubt you'll need as these dishes really are so hard wearing!

What did I get?

1. Pyrex 2.6 Litre Rectangular Dish (€4.99 with 10 Stickers)
    Perfect for dishes such as Dauphinoise Potatoes or my Cheesy Potatoe Bake. This size 
    dish would also be perfect for a lasagne or chicken and pasta bake.

2. Pyrex 4 Litre Rectangular Dish (€5.99 with 10 Stickers)
    This dish is very similar to the 2.6 litre but even bigger and better, meaning you can cater for 
    more people or bigger crowds. That said never fear if you find yourslef with left overs as both 
    dishes come with really handy plastic lids for storing in the fridge or freezer.

3. Pyrex 1.6 Litre Round Bowl (€3.99 with 10 Stickers)
    I love this bowl when whisking eggs, making simple mixtures such as meringues. An all round 
    handy mixing bowl really!

4. Pyroflam 2 Litre Round Casserole Dish (€11.49 with 20 Stickers)
    This Pyroflam dish can be used on the hob, in the oven or the microwave. A very handy size 
    for two and perfect for dishes like my Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Pottage 
    or Zesty Lemon Chicken.

5. Pyroflam Steamer Basket (€7.49 with 20 Stickers)
    A perfect accompaniment to the 2 litre casserole dish and makes cooking vegetables such 
    as cauliflower and broccoli a breeze. Steaming is a great way of cooking vegetables as it 
    minimizes vitamin loss during the cooking process.

E-D's Notes
- You can have a look at the full promotion here on the Tesco Website for further details.
  I absolutely love these dishes for baking and cooking. They are timeless, don't date and are   
  incredibly useful pieces to have.
- All in all my subtotal for the five dishes before any reduction was made came to €88.60.   
  However after handing over my sticker filled cards, this total was reduced to €33.40! Meaning 
  I saved €55.20.....Bargain!
- You can collect stamps in store up until the 31st of March and have until April 13th to use your 


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