Sunday, 20 January 2013

Top 10 MAC Eye Shadows

Now as many of you know I am a huge fan of MAC products, but in particular MAC's individual eye shadow pots. Over the last 9 years, I have steadily built quite the collection of eye-shadow pots spanning all the colours of the rainbow. As time has gone I have gone through phases of bright and bold, to shining and shimmering, dark and smoky to muted and understated. That said these ten shadows have remained my staples, my 'Go-To' shadows if you will. The colours below have seen me through the years and no matter how things change I never tire of them. MAC shadows are beautifully pigmented, easy to apply, blend well and last throughout the day. For a look at the full MAC eye shadow collection have a look here  at the MAC website.

MAC Eye Shadow pots retail at $15/€15/£12

Top 10 MAC Eye Shadows

1. Vanilla
    Finish: Velvet
    This is a fantastic base or highlighter for just under the brow. Must-have in my make-up 
     bag I bring it everywhere.

2. Shale
    Finish: Satin
    This colour can only be described as a greyish purple. It's certainly not lilac, but it is a grey  
    purple which looks great teamed with more vibrant purple shades or even browns. It's a really 
    versatile colour that can be easily blended with countless colours.

3. Deep Truth
    Finish: Frost
    This deep navy blue colour is a great colour. Though it looks quite navy in the pot, this colour 
    has a lovely blue tinge. It blends really well, and looks best when built up and patted on gently. 
    The pigmentation in this colour is very good and the colour has a fantastic sparkling sheen. I  
    often team this colour with golds and silvers.

4. Haux
    Finish: Satin
    A soft, rose, muted brown, I love this colour! Fantastic teamed with neutral shades, golds and 
    dark browns. I love using Haux on the lid, with embark in the crease and vanilla under the 
    brow....a great day time look.

5. Omega
    Finish: Matte
    This colour is another of my 'matte' shades which I often team with 'vanilla' or 'shroom'. This 
    soft taupe colour is great for the crease of the eye for a neutral day time look, or all over the 
    lid as a base colour with darker, more intense shades.

6. Embark
    Finish: Matte
    A rich, deep, dark brown which is perfect for creating a neutral smokey effect in the crease of 
    the eye. I also use the colour with a small angle brush to fill in my eye-brows and give them 
7. Amber Lights
    Finish: Frost
    Amber lights is a deep and dramatic amber or bronzed-gold colour which can be applied   
    lightly or layered to achieve a really deep and brilliant metallic colour. This colour is great for 
    evening wear and looks incredible teamed with dramatic black-liner. 

8. Tempting
    Finish: Lustre
    Tempting is a brown colour with incredible metallic sheen and lustre. It's an really rich 
    colour that can be applied subtly or built up to achieve a beautiful intense metallic finish that 
    is fantastic for evening wear. The pigment in this shadow is fantastic and the gold accents  
    are stunning. This is a really unique colour and finish.

9. Stars and Rockets
    Finish: Veluxe Pearl
    This colour is a lot of fun and can be used in so many ways. It's a fuscia-pink-purple colour 
    with a great pearl sheen. Again the pigmentation in this colour is fantastic and allows you to 
    create a truly dramatic look. Whether using this colour all over the lid or as an accent, it is 
    incredibly easy to apply. I love this colour with navies and blues or golds.

10. Electra
     Finish: Frost
     I have replaced this colour more times than I can count! It is the best 'silver' colour around 
     and the frost finish leaves you with a really intense colour with a metallic finish. This shadow 
     is really soft and lovely to apply. Electra is easy to blend but equally looks fantastic worn 


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