Sunday, 20 January 2013

Top 10 MAC Eye Shadows

Now as many of you know I am a huge fan of MAC products, but in particular MAC's individual eye shadow pots. Over the last 9 years, I have steadily built quite the collection of eye-shadow pots spanning all the colours of the rainbow. As time has gone I have gone through phases of bright and bold, to shining and shimmering, dark and smoky to muted and understated. That said these ten shadows have remained my staples, my 'Go-To' shadows if you will. The colours below have seen me through the years and no matter how things change I never tire of them. MAC shadows are beautifully pigmented, easy to apply, blend well and last throughout the day. For a look at the full MAC eye shadow collection have a look here  at the MAC website.

MAC Eye Shadow pots retail at $15/€15/£12

Top 10 MAC Eye Shadows

1. Vanilla
    Finish: Velvet
    This is a fantastic base or highlighter for just under the brow. Must-have in my make-up 
     bag I bring it everywhere.

2. Shale
    Finish: Satin
    This colour can only be described as a greyish purple. It's certainly not lilac, but it is a grey  
    purple which looks great teamed with more vibrant purple shades or even browns. It's a really 
    versatile colour that can be easily blended with countless colours.

3. Deep Truth
    Finish: Frost
    This deep navy blue colour is a great colour. Though it looks quite navy in the pot, this colour 
    has a lovely blue tinge. It blends really well, and looks best when built up and patted on gently. 
    The pigmentation in this colour is very good and the colour has a fantastic sparkling sheen. I  
    often team this colour with golds and silvers.

4. Haux
    Finish: Satin
    A soft, rose, muted brown, I love this colour! Fantastic teamed with neutral shades, golds and 
    dark browns. I love using Haux on the lid, with embark in the crease and vanilla under the 
    brow....a great day time look.

5. Omega
    Finish: Matte
    This colour is another of my 'matte' shades which I often team with 'vanilla' or 'shroom'. This 
    soft taupe colour is great for the crease of the eye for a neutral day time look, or all over the 
    lid as a base colour with darker, more intense shades.

6. Embark
    Finish: Matte
    A rich, deep, dark brown which is perfect for creating a neutral smokey effect in the crease of 
    the eye. I also use the colour with a small angle brush to fill in my eye-brows and give them 
7. Amber Lights
    Finish: Frost
    Amber lights is a deep and dramatic amber or bronzed-gold colour which can be applied   
    lightly or layered to achieve a really deep and brilliant metallic colour. This colour is great for 
    evening wear and looks incredible teamed with dramatic black-liner. 

8. Tempting
    Finish: Lustre
    Tempting is a brown colour with incredible metallic sheen and lustre. It's an really rich 
    colour that can be applied subtly or built up to achieve a beautiful intense metallic finish that 
    is fantastic for evening wear. The pigment in this shadow is fantastic and the gold accents  
    are stunning. This is a really unique colour and finish.

9. Stars and Rockets
    Finish: Veluxe Pearl
    This colour is a lot of fun and can be used in so many ways. It's a fuscia-pink-purple colour 
    with a great pearl sheen. Again the pigmentation in this colour is fantastic and allows you to 
    create a truly dramatic look. Whether using this colour all over the lid or as an accent, it is 
    incredibly easy to apply. I love this colour with navies and blues or golds.

10. Electra
     Finish: Frost
     I have replaced this colour more times than I can count! It is the best 'silver' colour around 
     and the frost finish leaves you with a really intense colour with a metallic finish. This shadow 
     is really soft and lovely to apply. Electra is easy to blend but equally looks fantastic worn 


  1. awesome where do you buy them? im from ireland and theres barely any mac stores around!:(

  2. There is now a MAC store on Henry Street in Dublin. Otherwise MAC is available in all Brown Thomas Stores!


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