Saturday, 9 March 2013

Baby Converse

I have had an incredibly busy week and so apologies for my lack of blog posts in the last few days. Have been out all day with Molly, getting some necessary bits and pieces for the house. I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks off come next Friday, and I am making a 'Bucket List' of recipes I want to try during my time off, so stay tuned! Tonight I want to share with you these baby Converse I made during the week. These little Converse boots are perfect for babies birthdays, christenings or baby showers. The great thing is these little shoes are made using a template, so you can't go too far wrong! So for those not too confident at modelling babies, or other cake toppers, this shoe template is the perfect solution!

Baby Converse

Sugarpaste or fondant icing
Petal pasta
Edible glue
Food Colouring

Stitching tool
Cutting wheel
Sharp knife
Small rolling pin
Cling film
Mini star cutter
Small circle cutter

Baby Converse Template
Below is the template I used to cut out the components of the shoe. This template is obviously for one shoe, so to make a pair, you will need to use it twice. You will also need to make two side panels for each shoe. To print this template off you will need to enlarge it before printing. I found it easier when I printed it onto card. I then laminated the card so it was easy to clean and can be re-used, but it works perfectly well with cereal box card!

What to do.....
- Make up paste consisting of 50% sugar paste and 50% petal paste. Petal paste makes the 
  roll out icing easier to model and it will dry harder and quicker.
- You will need to keep some white paste, and colour some the colour you want to work with, be 
  it pink, green, blue etc.

Video Tutorial
This is a link to a YouTube tutorial I found on 'How to Assemble the Converse'. There may be a slight variation in decoration and the template used, but it gives a good indication on how to get started. 

E-D's Notes
- Although this template is for converse boots, they can just as easily be made into little Pumas 
  or Nike runners by changing the logo on the side.
- If you don't have all of the tools listed above...get creative! Egg white can be used instead of 
  edible glue, a cocktail stick can be used to create stitch marks, and a knife can be used 
  instead of a cutting wheel etc.
- Remember when working with petal paste, to keep it covered at all times when not using it, 
  otherwise it will dry out (very quickly) and will be useless.
- If you have any questions or queries be sure to send me an email or leave me a comment.


  1. Ohh! It's so,so cute
    Really, I love your job, it's amazing, everything you cook it's a sweet surprise, thanks for share it!!!

    1. Aww thanks so much Lola, your support and kind words are always appreciated! x


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