Sunday, 30 June 2013

Embellished Hand-Made Phone Cover

My phone was recently stolen in work which prompted me to upgrade my phone to a snazzy Sony Xperia Z which I love. The phone is absolutely fantastic and does above and beyond what you would expect from any phone. Being dust proof and water proof this phone is hard wearing, but all the same I have been looking out for a nice protective cover for it. Given that this phone isn't your run of the mill iPhone or Samsung Galaxy getting a shiny, girly cover has proved somewhat of a challenge. The only cover available in town for my phone was a boring black number in Carphone Warehouse costing a steep €25.

 I've had a few negative experiences buying covers online for phones in the past as when they arrive sometimes they do not fit the phone correctly. So I decided to visit Moore Street in Dublin to see what I could find in the collection of shops which stock a huge range of phone covers, phone repairs and accessories. I met a girl in the 'W Mobile Phone Centre' who told me she could custom make me a cover with whatever I wanted on it, I could choose my own colour scheme, accessories and design. I absolutely love bows and so we settled on a bow design, featuring black diamanté and pearls. Now I appreciate this kind of thing won't be everyone's cup of tea, but the range of designs and options available was outstanding. She brought me across the road to a sister shop where I picked which 'diamanté' and bows I wanted and the girl in this shop was painstakingly creating hand decorated covers with a tweezers and glue gun. 

The cover features almost 1000 black diamanté along with 3D diamanté encrusted bows and  scattered pearls. I ordered the cover on Saturday evening and picked it up on Sunday morning. The girl had said however that she could have it done in 2-3 hours. I was given a docket to collect the cover, however did not have to pay until I collected it. The cover cost €20 (€5 cheaper than the plain cover in Carphone Warehouse!). All in all if your looking for something a little different, a little out there and very shiny, these covers are a great way of brightening and 'blinging' your phone!

E-D's Notes
- 'W Mobile Phone Center' is located on Moore Street, Dublin 1. When 
   exiting the ILAC centre onto Moore Street this shop will be on your 
- There is a second 'W Mobile Phone Centre' on the other side of the 
   street. These stores also sell standard phone covers at a great price 
   without all the bling. 
- A word of advice, if asked whether you want to pay when you order 
  the cover or when you collect it, pay when you collect it to make sure 
  you are 100% happy with the design before you exchange any 
- Have a look around both stores for designs and ideas for your perfect   
  cover. iPhone covers and similar sized phones should only cost €15,  
  but given the dimensions and size of my phone it costs a little  

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