Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Lotts Cafe Bar Review

The Lotts Cafe Bar
9 Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1

Finding great places to eat on the North side of the river can be little tricky in Dublin. Things are definitely on the up but finding great food at a great price is something of a challenge at the best of times. Sure, the Italian quarter at the back of the Jervis offers a few options, but nothing I would be racing back to.

The Lotts on Liffey street just beyond the Hay'Penny bridge on the other hand is somewhere I run back to, again and again. From the outside this gem is unassuming and you may easily have passed it without giving it a second glance. This spot was actually introduced to me by Molly's Mam around the time we got engaged back in January. Both sets of parents went to celebrate our engagement and I'd say I have been back about 6 times since February. Understated and casual but ambient and relaxing, the Lotts has a really warm atmosphere, excellent customer service and a fantastic dinner menu and wine list.  

There are various 'deals', special offers and menus running, and the value is incredible. My personal favourite is the steak on the stone option. The Lotts offer two steak on the stone dinners, served with chips or your choice of side, with three sauces and a bottle of wine between two for a minuscule €30. But is it any good? The steak is tender and flavoursome, the chips skin on and crunchy. The house red wine, an Australian number is incredibly easy to drink, light and fruity and the perfect accompaniment to a hearty steak meal. I have shared my love of the Lotts with many a friend and family members all of whom have been blown away by the quality of the food, the friendly and efficient service and of course the outstanding value. The early bird also boasts a wide range of options including delicious chicken wings, bruschetta and an incredible Lamb burger to name a few. Molly always opts for a traditional Dublin coddle which always baffles me, but he insists is 'incredible'. Dessert is also worth a mention and I never leave without indulging in the Lotts rich 'Chocolate Pudding'. 

The staff make the evening all the more pleasant with their general friendly banter and hands on approach. On my last visit a birthday plate was organised for my Mom without any fuss, and my Dad was assisted in trying to pick a beer with warmth and enthusiasm - the bar man even offered up a few taster glasses to help him with his decision. Any questions about the menu are welcomed and any special dietary requirements taken on board without any bother.

All in all the Lotts boasts incredible food, service and value.  The best casual city centre dining experience on the north side of the Liffey without a doubt - you won't be disappointed.

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