Monday, 24 June 2013

Wilton Cookie Master Plus

For my birthday back in April,  my most wonderful mother Shaud got me something I've been wanting for ages.....a cookie press! Some of you may remember the trouble I had with tendinitis in my right wrist back in November which makes piping stiff icing and cookie dough pretty painful. Hence why I was so excited about getting my hands on a cookie press which would solve all my problems. Whilst doing my fortnightly browse in the home-wares department of TKMaxx I came across this Wilton Cookie Master Plus, cordless, battery operated and automated cookie press. Needless to say I was more than a little excited. Shaud paid €34.99 for the press and we were anxious to get home and try it out.

Unfortunately all my cookie press dreams did not come true because this product really was a disaster in terms of pressing cookies. The package looked really impressive with various heads which could be attached to the top of the press which resulted in different shaped cookies. The press also included a range of 3 nozzle tops for piping things like icing, mash potato or meringue  The premise is that you fill the gun with your cookie dough, attach a shaped metal 'plate' with your desired mould and hold the yellow 'go' button until the cookie appears on your prepared baking sheet. There is an included recipe book which I stuck to in order to achieve the optimum consistency, but still no joy. The press struggled to push the dough through, no matter the consistency of the dough. I made three different batches from three different recipes and each was as disastrous as the last.

The 'Negatives'
- the cookies were coming out in clumps and not in the desired shapes
- the cookies were incomplete and missing parts on the occasions they made it through the 
- the press strains when trying to push the cookie dough even when equipped with brand new 
  batteries and filled with cookie dough made as per the Wilton recipe book.

The 'Positives'
- the press works well when filled with softer substances such as mash, meringue or icing and a 
  nozzle top is used.
- The press was relatively easy to clean and assemble.

All in all a very disappointing product from Wilton, which is surprising as I have never had a negative experience before. I usually find Wilton products to be of great quality and fit for purpose. I did make contact with Wilton in early April about my negative experience and seeking advice on anything which may improve the performance of my press, but disappointingly I am still awaiting a response.

In conclusion this product is not fit for piping cookies, however if your after a gadget which will pipe softer textures in a somewhat automated way it might just do the trick, but at a hefty €34.99 I'm not too sure it would be worth it.

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