Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Freddo Caramel Bar Birthday Cake

After a fun filled weekend of culture, chocolate and waffles in Brussels, it was time to settle down into the grips of reality again this morning, at least temporarily. A short week is always a welcome thought, and the idea of Friday fun being a little closer than usual is a welcome distraction. A European break is a great way to get inspired about food and drink, and provoke ideas and thinking that can be brought back to my petite Dublin kitchen. This week I have lots of ideas and musings from the weekend that I am looking forward to exploring, but the age old problem of so much to make so little time is tying me down. Tonight, however I thought I would share with you, a colourful creation that I put together on Wednesday night before I set off on my Belgian adventures. This cake was a very specific request from non other than a hard-core Caramel Freddo fan. I really enjoyed making this cake, and think it's bright, fun and funky. Who doesn't love a friendly Freddo face, right? This cake is just as exciting inside as out and is made up of two Crouching Tiger Hidden Zebra Cakes, sandwiched together with a deliciously smooth Chocolate and Orange buttercream frosting. Feeling hungry?

For the Cake:
I needed to make two Crouching Tiger Hidden Zebra Cakes for this creation to give it enough height. The Zebra cake itself is quite a flat cake, so when levelled and sandwiched together the two cakes came to just over 3 inches in height.

Orange & Chocolate Buttercream Frosting


240g butter
500g icing sugar
3 tbsp fresh orange juice
Zest of 1 orange
1.5 tbsp cocoa

Mix all ingredients together using a handheld mixer until light and fluffy.

E-D's Notes
The covering and outline decoration for the cake was all completed using coloured fondant icing (coloured using Americolor food colourings). The finer detail such as the fonts, were achieved using a fine paintbrush, clear alcohol (such as vodka) and Wilton gel food colourings. The Happy Birthday is fondant cut out using alphabet cutters and then patterned using the back of my paintbrush (simple but effective). 


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