Saturday, 10 May 2014

Roasted Vegetable and Chorizo Medley

For me the weekend is all about splurging on the foods I love, eating out, and trying new places. This weekend is no exception as Molly (my wonderful husband) and I head off to the Heritage in Killenard for an overnight break for some R&R. Of course as wonderful as spending time together is and all that jazz, the highlight of the stay is sure to be our visit to the Arlington Room restaurant. I have already checked the menu online and essentially made my choices (I am aware this is somewhat weird) because, well in all honesty, I'm a fanatical planner.

So in preparation for my splurge this evening in the form of a 5 course meal, last night I opted for a healthier dinner, which frankly for a Friday night, just isn't like me. Healthy and all as it was, there is no denying it was really tasty, very satisfying and so flavoursome. Chorizo is such a fantastic ingredient to work with, because a little goes a long way. In a meal like this, the chorizo are like golden nuggets that are a wonderful surprise to find buried in a sea of vegetables and potato. But the best thing about this recipe? That fact that it takes no more than 5 minutes to prepare and can all be tossed into one dish. Friday night cooking just got a whole lot easier.

Roasted Vegetable and Chorizo Medley

1 pepper
5 cloves of garlic
500g of salad potatoes
3 tbsp rapeseed oil (or olive oil)
10 slices of chorizo (5mm width approx.)
2 tsp sage
Salt & Pepper

1. Chop the potatoes in half and place in a large roasting dish. 
2. Slice and de-seed the red pepper, and peel the garlic cloves and add to the potatoes.
3. Cut approximately 10 thin slices of chorizo (add more if desired) and add to the mixture.
4. Pour the oil over the dish, season well with salted, pepper and sage and ensure all   
    ingredients have been coated in the oil.
5. Roast in the oven for 40mins at 200C or until the potatoes.

E-D's Notes
Rapeseed oil in an ingredient you are likely to see in my recipes again and again. Rapeseed oil in widely produced in Ireland and though it can be a little pricier to buy in your local supermarket, is well worth the extra euros for two main reasons. 
1. Rapeseed oil has half the amount of saturated fat as olive oil, thus is a healthier alternative.
2. Rapeseed oil has 5-7 times more Omega 3 oils than olive oil, which are anti-inflammatory
    and heart friendly. 
Rapeseed oil is easy to cook with and can be used in baking too as a substitute for sunflower oil. As far as I'm concerned it's never too early to start looking after your heart and so rapeseed oil is great substitution that doesn't compromise the flavour of your food. Win-Win.


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