In March 2015 my life changed forever. I've heard people say this before about having a kid but in all honesty until it actually happened I didn't really get it. When a mini person arrives your priorities change, your goals and aspirations shift and all of a sudden every waking moment of the day is no longer about you but about someone else. Things are different and you have a sudden earth shattering realisation that there's no turning back. Amidst all of this you also come to realise that although life up to this point has been pretty great, this mini person has just stepped things up, and life got mind blowlingly awesome. This is parenthood.

Life with a little person is now just life. Every waking moment of every day is all about Luke and Olly. Things I loved and still love to do get a look in here and there but play second fiddle to the most exciting adventure and achievement yet, which is raising these little humans. I've made some pretty incredible cakes, cards and crafts over the years, but these recent baby making ventures have by far been my best work.

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